Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Woodrow - Halloween Cape Cod Yard Haunt

Over the years Doctor Wolfram has experimented with insects, animals and even plants to create a superior race of beings. One night when he was staring out his window during a Nor'Easter he noticed the resilience of an old Maple tree that stood unaffected by the fierceness of the storm. The idea struck him to splice human DNA with that of trees to create a creature sturdy enough to outlive all humans.
He planted an experimental seedling on the grounds of the Mire and was amazed to see it sprout and grow to an adult tree within only a few short weeks. Woodrow, as it was aptly named, wasn't satisfied with water and sunlight. He began feeding on unsuspecting birds that foolishly landed on his branches as well as squirrels that dared to climb his trunk. On Halloween he seeks to fill his veracious appetite by wrapping his limbs around careless Trick 'r Treaters that journey into the Mire.

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